Taking the Canadian citizenship test

After seven years of being in Canada I have written the citizenship test. This experience was more stressful than I thought. The night before the test I felt dizzy and a big hole in my stomach which was driving me crazy. Even though, I had studied really hard the Canadian study guide, I was not sure if I would be able to remember all those important names and dates in Canadian history. More over, I needed to know and understand Canadian’s institutions, geography and of course how to vote; to be honest I am not quite sure if I understood all these concepts well.

One of the most important part of this guide was the chapter which talks about freedoms, rights and responsibilities that each person in this country needs to know. One topic that I liked the most in the study guide was the concept of diversity in Canada. This is how diverse groups share their cultures, traditions, languages and thoughts and also how most of these groups have learned from each other, making an amazing multicultural society. And most important, this diverse society includes non-traditional families, for instant same sex couples.

Today, that the test stress is over and I am relaxed I would say that I feel glad knowing just a little bit more about this country which is amazing. For example, now each time that I see a ten dollar bill with Sir John A. Macdonald’s picture I say to myself I know who this guy was; or when I heard “In the Flanders Fields” poem on the Remembrance Day, I recognized it !.

Though I have to wait three to five months to get the test result, this waiting does not upset me, I have a good feeling about it. So, after all taking my citizenship test was more rewarded than I thought.

Have you written this test already? How was your experience? How did you feel about?

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5 Responses to Taking the Canadian citizenship test

  1. Connie says:

    Hi Nilas, I don’t have experience this or similar test yet, however, I can imagine how nervous and how stressful when you were facing the test. Well, I believe that you already do your best. Now you just relaxing and have the leisure time with your family.

  2. Hola Nila!, Yes, you are right, taking the Canadian citizenship test is a very stressful and strenuous episode in the process of obtaining this status, I think everyone who has done it will agree with you. I took mine many years ago and it was exactly the same however, it is as you said, a great feeling knowing and learning the history of this great country. Thanks for sharing!.

  3. Keira McPhee says:

    I wonder if I could pass the test. I have my doubts. On the weekend my son and I read “Louis Riel” a graphic novel about the Metis leader. So much of this story I didn’t know. I read your post at the same time and it got me thinking about how citizenship is built on sharing a story. Even if we understand it differently. I’d been told one story about Sir John A. and the building of the railroad in school. Now I’ve learned another; about how the Metis were betrayed and used to give a reason to build the CPR. Citizenship to me is knowing the stories and choosing to work towards justice for all in Canada.

  4. nilasb says:

    Hi Keira, Thank for your comment. I agree with you. Unfortunately there are always more than one version oh the history. Governments tell what is convenient for them. This happens also in my original country.

  5. Brian says:

    A friend of mine from Argentina recently took the test. He is quite a brilliant scholar, but he barely passed. When he told me the story, I took a practice test online — like Keira, I wondered how a Canadian-born person who always took citizenship for granted would do. I passed!

    By one point.

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