Frog Hollow Parenting Programs helps Parents

This Monday just finished 8 sessions of “Parents Helping Parents”, this programs was starting on Sept 10,  every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. The parenting program I am not the first time to participate, but is fourth time instead of within these two years, why I like the parenting programs?

Firstly, personally I really like the facilitator Better Murray, she always provides her professional knowledge, give participants different opinions & ideas how to be a good & responsible parents. She is a good consultant, or I would like to say she is more like a friend. Her kindness, open-minded, good listener, keep learning attitude even at her age (I don’t know what exact age she is, I think she may over 80 years old)….. all these inspiring me to keep learning. Second, she is well preparing many useful materials for every session, we gain a lot of many information that helping in our daily life, especially for those newly parents or whose lack of experience how to deal with the kids.  For myself, I improved my communication skills and adjust the strategy when dealing with my kid, more understand their thought & behaviour.  Thirdly, here is providing the platform for parents/grandparents/couples  to share their own experiences, express their feelings whatever good or bad or unforgettable, also interact each others & learning from the groups of people. Fourthly, we are facing different challenges when kids grow up at different ages, toddlers have toddlers problems, teenagers have teenagers issues. Thus, the parenting programs just meet what we want, we need to keep learning, update as well we adjust ourselves how to work better with our kids.

However, if compared with the similar parenting programs before in Frog Hollow, my feeling is a little bit different this time. Because the workshop held on the night time, maybe this reason, more Dads, couples & grandparents can be participating. Previously the workshop was on day time, as I observed seems all Moms only, no males in the group, maybe the males need to work that they are quite difficulty to join in even they are interesting in. Therefore, this time the program on night time seems more welcome for different groups of people or families. Also, I am the first time to join the night time program, my feeling is great.

In the workshop, multicultural people gather together, there have couples, grandparents, dads or single parent,  new comers of Canada…..etc.  I am a bit surprising quite many Dads more involved, they were willing to share their experiences, expressing feelings, gave out the suggestions when groups discussion. I never experienced on previous parenting programs.  In my mind many males (or dads or husbands) are unwilling or hard to be express themselves in front of unfamiliar people, unless those are very close friends, mostly like they chose rather silence or hidden the feeling, especially face the public. Well, now my mind set changed a little bit since then.

After this multicultural parenting group, let me realize more about other fathers side like their thinking, feeling, what they concern & care,  their role in the family….etc, all of these are seems different from  mothers side concern.   Both whatever fathers or mothers they perform different roles in the family are same important for the kids, cannot replaced or substitute.   Each family has their core value which is influencing them how to educate & communicate with kids. There are no right or wrong, only the ways are good & help for all parties. Parenting programs is a good place for parents/grandparents /couples to communicate, learning, sharing, expressing,  No body perfect, let us keep trying, make improvement and make adjustment if necessary. We love ours kids, kids can feel and  learn from us. Don’t feel frustrating, parenting workshop is a good program to help out most of families. Come to join in if you are available & feel comfortable.

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4 Responses to Frog Hollow Parenting Programs helps Parents

  1. Keira McPhee says:

    I feel more comfortable in a group that is more diverse. Many families don’t look like our idea of ‘normal’ mom and dad. Grandparents, 2 moms, 2 dads, one parent in Canada, one parent working overseas, single parents, extended families helping out, foster families- all of us are raising kids. What we need most is the support and stories of others doing this hard, joyful work. Thanks for this thoughtful post.

  2. nilasb says:

    I really like these kind of groups where moms and dads can talk freely about their children, and also learn from the experiences of other parents. In fact, I would like my husband gets involved in more parenting programs. So far, we (my husband, my daughter and I) go on Tuesday nights to a parents group at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House. We love it !. My daughter socializes with children while we are talking with adults about different topics, such as partners and children’s behaviour.

  3. Connie says:

    Thanks for all comments.

    Hi Nilas, If you enjoy the parenting program and want to participating with your husband, coming next year on Jan 28, Frog Hollow will have another sessions of parenting program at night again The details timing I think Eva will be announced afterward.

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