Family Transition Program in Frog Hollow

The second term of Family Transition program has been started since September 10th. in the Frog Hollow neighbourhood house. It is the extension of the first term which was included 10 sections in June.

The program gives you various information which may help parents, mostly are moms, to deal with the problems with their children, families,or themselves. Then, you may wonder  which topics are covered in the program. Here is the brief introduction.

No Body Perfect:  Knowing about young the development of a young child’s mind, body, and behaviors so you can understand his/her needs, communicate with him/her. Your correct guides will help in his/her growth.

Food Safe, Financial Literacy & Community First Aid:  These are useful skills for parents to taking care their families.

Understand Anger: Helping people understand why and how anger is created so you can find some appropriate ways to control your anger, understand others’ anger and relax yourself.

Computer blogging: Introducing a useful tool to people to exchange information online within a community.

As the children grow up, some parents may consider the next role in their lives. Thus, besides taking care family and children, the parents who want to make a short-term or long-term plan will continue to learn the skills in the second term of the transit program. They learn how to present their personal value and their achievement; what are the gaps that prevent them from going back to the job market, or try in a new working field; how to search a job online. Meanwhile, leadership skills are included as a main part of the program.

There are three groups of participants, including Chinese, multi-cultural and Spanish as well. The participants are involved in lots of discussions, Q & A time, and sharing thoughts and ideas under the help of the awesome facilitator and guest speakers. Also, people take the chances to clarify their confusions and concerns, bring up some interest topics and community news, as well as receive support from their warm and friendly group members.

That is the transition program in Frog Hollow.

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One Response to Family Transition Program in Frog Hollow

  1. Keira says:

    Looks like a great program. Will it run again?

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