A self-guide trip to Victoria

On August 1, my children and I went to Victoria for a 2-day trip. We never make a trip out of town. So it sounds a big trip for us. Knowing that our transportation system is convenient and easy to take on the Trip Advisor, I decided we went to the capital city by public transit.

Three of us started to make the plan two weeks ahead. Jeffrey and I borrowed some tour books about Victoria from library. After a brief reading about the history and the development about the city, we chose some places we’re interested to go, such as butchart gardens, the parliament building, craigharroch castle, Emily Carr house, Trans Canada Hwy “0 mile”, Fan tan valley, and those heritage neighbour houses… We made a really long list and prepared to explore the whole city. Jeffrey also helped me checked the bus schedules in Vancouver and in Victoria , and the ferry schedule as well,  so we knew how to save our time on the way, which buses can take us to the destinations, and how much it cost for the transportation.  Justin, my younger son, also had a job. He was in charged to watch on  the weather in Victoria, to guarantee our trip would be on a nice day. Meanwhile, I booked a hotel on Expedia for one night stay. And I also searched some good dinning places.

After with all these done, we just waited for the date to head off…

we came home at around 10 o’clock at night on August 2nd, tired out but with good memories. Victoria is a beautiful flowery city. There’re many cultural buildings built in 19 century, which we cannot eaily see in Vancouver. Residents in the city are nice and friendly and you can any time meet people who would like to give hands .



On the way home, we had a chance to see sun set on the ferry. That’s the beautiful ending of our trip.

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2 Responses to A self-guide trip to Victoria

  1. Connie Fu says:

    Hi Fan,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip & pictures in Victoria. It raised up my good memories too, I have been there twice, one was Summer time at year 2005 & another was Winter at year 2007. Victoria made me a strong impression was its beauty & peaceful even I visited there in different seasons. Before we were driving by ourselves & one day trip only. Now you provided the website info for us how to get there by public transport. Well, I miss there and I think I may take chance to be there soon again as consider stay overnight as well. Thanks for your information.

  2. Keira says:

    Out of your list, I’ve only been to the legislature. Clearly I need to return! Gorgeous photos.

    I’m very impressed with your organization beforehand and how you got your son involved too. Good idea- gets the kids excited and motivated to have a good time.

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