If we see community as a market, we can try to adopt the market skills into building our community.

When I meet a new group, I will become hesitated and reserved and it become more  severe if people is speaking another language other than my home language.

But I am listening, trying to catch every word so I can get what they’re talking about. Meanwhile, I am looking for timing gap to insert myself to the group. Chance is like, when the speaker send me a friendly eye contact,  open questions to the group, or when other group members talk to me. Then my enthusiasm has been warmed up.

I believe communication will continue as long as message is passed on and on around our community.

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One Response to Communication

  1. Keira says:

    I’m curious to hear more about what you mean by market.

    I really how like you describe what makes it feel possible to join a conversation. That’s true when you don’t speak the language and are new to a culture. It’s been true for me too when I’m in new and uncomfortable territory- like in a new school program. It takes a lot of energy! I remember how tired I was when I lived in Mexico after a long day of listening and waiting for the opportunity to speak.

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