Different life style in Asian city & Canada

Once I decided to move to Canada around six years ago, I knew I need to be restart everything whatever lifestyle, network, job, habits, even thinking. The reason is I came from Asian city – Hong Kong, there the life style & environment, people’s thinking, habits, working  environment…..etc are totally different here. We lived in such busy city the pace is fast, everything need to be speed up and maximize which cause physically and mentally both stressful. However, seems not many peoples alert the problem even myself during that time,  we only focus on how efficient to finish the work  and make money, don’t want to waste any second purpose to maximize all the things to be done & money earned.  Before I moved to Canada, I didn’t notice the potential issue, especially ignored the health.   Because we are too concentrate & too busy to care ourselves.

After I immigrated  here as build up my family, I have space to deep thinking myself finally,  thinking what I want,  what I am looking for,   if let “Stressful” & “Pressure” be my best friend and fully occupied my life, the consequence is damaging the health & sacrifice my personal life.  So I am dramatic change, the reason is my health have many problems after many many years stressful working & living style, I’m sick often and this disturb my routine life.  When I was young and never though there will be a big issue. Well, I already paid for it.  So, I know I must be changing,  not only life style, also thinking. In my mind, healthy is the most important one.  However, I noticed still  most of the people they are ignoring their health, no family life or even worse  sacrifice personal  life. Maybe in their philosophy, efficiency & money are most important than others.  Personally I agreed Money is important for everyone and cannot survive if without money, but Money is not the whole part of life.   Life is short, around us, still many new things let us to explorer and experiment and enjoy.

Vancouver is a beautiful place to live,  nowadays I am lucky & appreciate that I immigrated here, I am enjoying  the new life  although I am a full time mom, I own my family, I have a lovely kid, I have starting to build up the new network of friends and lucky have some best friends.  All of these I would like to say thank you to Frog Hollow neighborhouse, FH provided the platform & opportunities for all families whatever local or new immigrants to gather together, to share &  support each other,  especially good for new comers.    As I was new comer, I know nothing about Canada.  Since I participant the Frog Hollow programs, activities & workshops two years ago, I know more and learn more which enhance my knowledge as well as establishing the self-confidence.

Compared with living in Asian & Canada, I am enjoying and really appreciate what I own now.

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3 Responses to Different life style in Asian city & Canada

  1. Keira McPhee says:

    It really hit me how busy working in Hong Kong was when you described in person your very long days and almost no holidays. I know that pace would make me sick too!

    You mention here that you’ve changed your lifestyle to focus more on health and relaxation. I’m interested to hear more about what that looks like for you? Are there specific activities you do, or is it more about changing your attitude to life’s challenges and stresses?

  2. Fan L. says:

    You did so sucessfully to transit your Asian style life to the british columbians’s. Having lived in Asia for a few decades, I have set up a firm habbit and it takes me long time to adjust it. Your experiences have proved that it works if you make more connections with your local community.

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