Hello there! Pura Vida!

Hi, my name is Yesenia Im from Costa Rica and I moved here 4 years ago. The decision on entering a new stage in my life (marriage) far from my family, friends, job etc was not easy neither facing the challenges of a new language, culture, weather. However, experiencing the beauty of this city and meeting people from diferents parts of the world,got me. Also the arrived of my beautiful son inspired me to check some programs at my neighborhood house and they have gave me the opportunity to share with other moms worries, doubts, joy, dreams, wonders and happy moments while learning from each other. The experience is priceless!!! I am grateful and looking forward to more adventures.

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4 Responses to Hello there! Pura Vida!

  1. Keira McPhee says:

    I am interested to hear more about the experiences that started to make Vancouver feel like home. Looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. Fan L. says:

    I love the phrase ” Pura Vida”. It sounds happy, exciting, brave, encouraging, thankful… to me. I can feel what you feel with your new child and your new life in Vancouver. Please continue to share your more new experience to us.

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  4. carmen arce says:

    Hi, I love this bloog and I am being part of Frog Hollow connection program, I strongly recommend it for moms whom are looking to discover what they want to do in Vancouver, I mean, study or work

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