Late Blossoming Photo’s

During the summer, I have been lucky enough to participate in Frogs In the Park with Family Programs from Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. It gets very busy at Clinton Park Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through July and August, with program and community families coming together to enjoy outside activities and each other.

While taking pictures of our activities in mid-August, I walked past the community garden. I couldn’t help but take a few photographs of what was growing. Please enjoy the pictures and this coming summer, come enjoy the beautiful garden and join us for some outdoor family fun.

About Lisa B

A Canadian-Ukrainian girl who's always been on the quirky side - if I didn't think in tangents, don't think I'd think at all. I get distracted easily, especially by shiney objects or anything that enables my procrastination. Yes, I'm most likely ADHD..
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1 Response to Late Blossoming Photo’s

  1. plntwm says:

    Thanks for sharing these Lisa! They are gorgeous.and shows the beauty of the things we planted

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