Neighbourhood dreams: collage into blog

The premise of this intro blogging workshop: we will make some art, create links between our work and comment on each other’s work.

The joyful and creative family programs staff at Frog Hollow link people to each other everyday. They start conversations, sometimes deep, sometimes silly, always informative and rich. They do this face to face.

We did not want to get bogged down with technical issues and miss the most important parts of why we might blog or encourage others to blog: to make art, tell stories, share ideas, create links, and join a conversation. So we created “blog posts” on poster board, expressing our dreams for the neighbourhood.

Getting to the core of the idea
Manda and Ruth getting to the core of their idea

Visual poets
Lisa and Jessica created a visual poem on taking flight as a community.

Family, working and growing together
Maria Helena and Carrie chose 3 pieces of art to illustrate how we create beauty as a community when we love, work and share together.

The completed flight poem.

Eva and Lea created a whole new program idea connecting people who want to learn practical skills to seniors with experience. “Senior’s experience is your future!”

The dream takes shape!
Manda and Ruth show of their dream of theatre in the streets sharing stories of compassion. Yeah!

It's amazing pictures
We commented and made links using post-it notes.

Thanks Dr Garcia for the suggestion to use post-it notes. I shared I was doing an intro-blogging workshop off-line. She shared this  great idea! This is how the conversation unfolded on twitter (just like on a blog, the start of this conversation is the bottom comment- it unfolds in reverse chronological order.)

Twitter love

The intro blogging superstars!

Here’s a few more photos.

You’re on the web intro blogging superstars! Well done!  

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2 Responses to Neighbourhood dreams: collage into blog

  1. ingrid rose says:

    this is an excellent example of the real “humus” of political action–people in communities dreaming on the ground–may it continue

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