Queen Anne’s Lace?

We had this growing in our garden but got removed to make room for something else. Does anybody recognize it? I am thinking Queen Anne’s Lace?

Queen Anne's Lace?

Queen Anne's Lace 2

Leaves-Queen Anne's Lace

Can anyone confirm if indeed it was Queen Anne’s Lace?

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6 Responses to Queen Anne’s Lace?

  1. Keira McPhee says:

    I’m thinking Italian parsley gone to seed perhaps? Here’s some photo’s of Queen Anne’s Lace to compare.

  2. fhnh says:

    Hmm I don’t see a picture Keira

  3. fhnh says:

    I checked pictures of the Italian parsley and I don’t think it is that. The leaves are different. When it first came up it looked like a carrot

  4. lisa says:

    I’d say carrot gone to seed. Queen Anne’s Lace is in the carrot family.

  5. fhnh says:

    I am inclined to agree with you on that one Lisa!
    I found a picture of a flowering carrot and I believe we have a winner. http://tinyfarmblog.com/where-carrot-seed-comes-from/.
    I believe the Queen Anne’s Lace is “Wild Carrot” but I think the seed was something that we planted last year

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