Composting Workshop May 6

Check out those worms! Our Composted soil is looking not to bad.

A few tips :

1) Cut up the big pieces (we had a large top of a pineapple)

2) Wash and then let dry the egg shells, once dry crush them up  BEFORE adding them to the compost (we didn’t crush ours and after a year they were still like when we put them in)

3) Make sure and layer 50% green  (food wastes, grass, etc) and 50% brown (dry leaves, cut up cardboard , shredded newspaper)

4) NEVER add cooked foot, meat, bread, pasta, rice, fish as these attract rodents

For step by step instructions and to find out where you can get your own composter in Vancouver

City Farmers step by step instructions

City of Vancouver Backyard Composters

Backyard Composting Cantonese Version

Backyard Composting Mandarin Version

About Eva

Eva Aboud is a community outreach /food security coordinator. She has worked at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House since 2004. And is very passionate about her work. She loves the Frog Hollow community and continues to learn and connect with people from not just the neighbourhood but from all over the world! Also a Blogger at The Power Of Positive Change
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